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Egypt Protests: Thousands Fill Streets To Protest Mubarak

January 27, 2011

CNN Election Express

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Today 3:19 PM Posterous Reaches Out To Egypt

Posterous is encouraging people experiencing Twitter/Facebook blackouts to post using email. The site writes: With Twitter and Facebook now shut down in Egypt to quell government protests, email is the only reliable sharing platform left.  Same story in China. If you’re living or traveling there, email posting via Posterous Sites or Groups is the only way to get videos and photos to your Posterous site and reposted to Twitter and Facebook. Sharing information to people in a country that blocks social media is also difficult. Posterous solves this problem by delivering the full content of your posts via email to your subscribers. This means that anyone with access to an email account can read your posts, even within a blocked country.

Today 3:15 PM Texting Not Working?

CNN’s Ben Wedeman is reporting that SMS might not be working in Cairo:

@ bencnn : I tried. It does look like SMS service on Mobinil IS NOT working. #Jan25 #Egypt


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